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Autonomous & connected GPS tracker for protection against theft

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T36 Pulsar

The Pulsar is a new generation 100% autonomous GPS post-theft recovery device offering a very high operating autonomy. He is developed for finding back stolen engines and objects on which he has been installed. 

The mobile application "Pulsar", compatible with iOS and Android, allows to send commands and to receive notifications.


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Undetectable, miniaturized and waterproof (IP67), he doesn't need any connection which makes him simple and quick to install and to hide thanks to the support and included double side tape. 

It's the ideal solution to protect engines like outboard motors, jetski, or any other object (trailer, shipments, etc...) in case of theft. 

His operation mode is different from classical trackers. He's functionning in "Heartbeat", i.e. he connects himself regulary on the network in order to actualize his position and to respond to eventual requests of the user by de mobile application "Pulsar". The remaining time, he is completly turned off which makes him completly undetectable. 

The function "virtual garage" allows to create a geofence area. If the Pulsar wakes up outside this area, he sends an notification alert to the owner. 

This one can activate the "stolen vehicle" mode in order to follow in real time his property. This function can also be activated automaticly as soon as the engine leaves the authorized area*.

In case of real theft, do not take any risk and contact the alarm room joignable 24/24h (belgian legislation).

Battery-powerd (easily replacable by the user), his autonomie can last for 2 year in function of the choosen communication frequency*.

Pulsar, by it's 100% autonomous device construction, is not conceived to follow an object permenantly as a classical GPS tracker. He's functioning on a timely manner and offers an ideal solution for objects which don't have a permanent power supply (f.ex. winter periods or engine with battery cut-off).

Subscription "PULSAR" (service) of 36 months included in the price of the product (renewal 99€ for 3 years VAT 21% included as from the 4th year). All communication costs and roaming included. European coverage (compatible with the most mobile networks in Europe). 

Guarantee of 3 years.

*: the frequency and the number of communications have an impact on the longevity of the batteries. Please refer to the manual in order to parametrize correctly.

T36 Pulsar

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